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Hello, folks!

What’s going on this month? Here’s what:

* Aliasi Stonebender is finishing up her term as Patron-at-Large. We’re looking for someone to step up for the fall quarter. Workload is pretty light, honest! Want to give it a try? Just IM me.

*We will be returning to an every-Friday schedule after American Labor Day (the week of Sept. 5). We’ll be celebrating with a homecoming party, Sept. 6th. SAVE THAT DATE!

*Fieger Difference hosts “The Blues” Trivia Night on August 26th.

*Julianna Serimann and Madkitty Abaaye jointly host “Sweet and Sour” Trivia on September 9th.

*Lastly, please (!) don’t forget to feed our Cigar Box–the end of August is sneaking up on FAST!

As always, thanks for all you folks do,


Pier Pressure Building Event Unday (7/19/16)

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Thanks to Dutch Galaxy for the photos!

Drown Your Sorrows, Not Your Friends

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Thanks, as always, to Callahan’s unofficial official photography, Madkitty Abaaye! And, thanks to all of the folks who came out to this special event on July 5, 2016!

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What’s up in July?

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Quite a bit, actually.  Just off the top of Leb’s head:

  • Some special Undays, including an underwater-themed night and Camp Callahooligan
  • The beginning of our annual build event:  “Pier Pressure!”
  • Trivia Nights on July 15th and July 29th
  • The winners of the Photography Contest will be announced

Also, please remember that summer is kind of slow when it comes to the Cigar Box. Even if you can’t make events, please make sure to drop a few Linden $ in–it’s the only way we have to keep the Place running!


Pics from the “Lost in Space Prom!”

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Thanks to our wonderful, unofficial Callahan’s photographer, Madkitty Abaaye! This event took place on April 29, 2016 (so, yes, I’m WAAAY late in posting these).

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What’s up in June?

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In short:  LOTS!

  • We bid farewell to Fieger Difference as Patron-at-Large for the past two quarters.  He’ll still be around as a Place regular, no worries! Please thank him for his service, as well as his entertaining notices.
  • We say “hello” to Aliasi Stonebender, who is the Patron-at-Large for the summer quarter. She’ll be hosting at least an Unday or two…we’ll see what she has in store for us this summer!
  • Speaking of summer, don’t forget that we begin the summer schedule after the American Memorial Day weekend (this coming weekend, May 28-29). That means Trivia Nights move to every other week. Undays still happen every Tuesday. Check the schedule (at right) for exact events.
  • Trivia topics for June:  Degenerate Art (June 3) hosted by Fieger Difference, and Homework (June 17) hosted by Gjertrud Gjellerup.
  • We typically have a build event during the summer. Look for forthcoming info about “Pier Pressure!
  • And, save the date for a big summer party:  July 5 will be “Drown Your Sorrows, Not Your Friends.”
  • Lastly, Senior Patron Dutch Galaxy will be sponsoring a photo contest this month. Details to follow!

Oh, and don’t forget: no Trivia Night this Friday (May 27), due to the American holiday weekend.

Pics from “Come Asp You Are” St. Patrick’s Day Event

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Thanks to our photographer, Madkitty Abaaye!

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