5th annual yard sale fundraiser August 24-30 2014 Hello folks!  It’s your yearly opportunity  to clean out your inventories and to donate the extras to a good cause.  The week of August 24th, the Place will once again use part of the sim to host its annual Yard Sale Fundraiser.

**All of the money raised goes directly to help pay the land costs for Callahan’s Place.  **

If you would like to help out by donating unused items, here’s what to do:

1)  Make sure that the item has transfer rights!!

2)   ~NO. FREEBIES.~  Period.  If you got it free, please don’t give it to us.  This actually ran us into some trouble last year with content creator.  If your item has trans, mod AND copy rights, it may be a freebie and will likely not be included in the sale. Sorry, no exceptions.

2)  Please give it to Leb’s sort-of-alt, Callahans Resident (no apostrophe, you saw that right).  He’s a member of the Callahan’s group, if you have trouble finding him, otherwise.  He is being used to hold yard sale items.

4) Shop the sale the week of August 24th!

As always, thank you for your willingness to help keep the Place funded!