In short:  LOTS!

  • We bid farewell to Fieger Difference as Patron-at-Large for the past two quarters.  He’ll still be around as a Place regular, no worries! Please thank him for his service, as well as his entertaining notices.
  • We say “hello” to Aliasi Stonebender, who is the Patron-at-Large for the summer quarter. She’ll be hosting at least an Unday or two…we’ll see what she has in store for us this summer!
  • Speaking of summer, don’t forget that we begin the summer schedule after the American Memorial Day weekend (this coming weekend, May 28-29). That means Trivia Nights move to every other week. Undays still happen every Tuesday. Check the schedule (at right) for exact events.
  • Trivia topics for June:  Degenerate Art (June 3) hosted by Fieger Difference, and Homework (June 17) hosted by Gjertrud Gjellerup.
  • We typically have a build event during the summer. Look for forthcoming info about “Pier Pressure!
  • And, save the date for a big summer party:  July 5 will be “Drown Your Sorrows, Not Your Friends.”
  • Lastly, Senior Patron Dutch Galaxy will be sponsoring a photo contest this month. Details to follow!

Oh, and don’t forget: no Trivia Night this Friday (May 27), due to the American holiday weekend.