Greetings, Callahooligans!

Here’s what’s up, in no particular order:

*You may have noticed some changes around the sim. In particular, we have a new events board on the dock, and 3 small beach huts directly across from the Place. I’m playing with the idea of possibly renting these out to group members. Thoughts?

*This Friday’s Trivia Night is being co-hosted by Madkitty and Zonker. That’s TOMORROW! See your tail here at 5:30 pm SLT.

*On the eve of the Ides of March (March 14th, we’ll be having a toga party as our Unday event.

*We’re creeping closer to that all-important holiday: ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Save the date, March 17th, for the Shamrock & Roll Celtic Sock Hop.

*We’ll be looking for a new Patron-At-Large soon, when Traverse Janus’s term expires. Want to have a bigger say in what happens with Callahan’s? It’s not a huge time committment (just ask some of our past PALs, like Aliasi Stonebender or Fieger Difference). Got questions? Ask me!

Thanks for helping to keep our community here in SL,