Greetings, Callahooligans!

May is almost over, which means that Callahan’s Place is heading into the summer. Thing brings about some changes in schedule and new events, so put these on your calendar!

*FIRST: No event tonight (5/26/17), since it is the American Memorial Day weekend and many folks have RL committments.

*SECOND: We move into the summer schedule, beginning in June. That means that Unday still happens every Tuesday night (same time, same channel), but Friday Trivia/other events are every other Friday. Be sure to stay tuned to the official calendar, which you can find on the Callahan’s Place website:

*THIRD: We’re going to start off the summer with a big beach party on Friday, June 2nd, so save the date for the Doggone Days of Summer!

*FOURTH: We have a very special group build planned this summer as well. It goes along with our beach party theme…can you guess what it is? 🙂

*FIFTH: Lastly, a reminder that, since summer is our slower season for events, that the Place’s Cigar Box doesn’t get filled as quickly. Even if you can’t make it to an event, please don’t forget to add a few $L here and there, to make sure we can keep the Place up and running!

Thanks for all you do,