Greetings, Callahooligans!

As we move into the summer season, as I thought this would be an appropriate time to update you all on what’s going on at the Place. In no particular order:

  • New PAL (Patron-At-Large) Lia Winslet is settling in just fine, and hosted her first Unday. We hope you’ve had an opportunity to hear her DJ!
  • We’re about to move into the summer schedule. That means that, after this week, Friday night Trivia will move to every OTHER week. So, there’s Trivia this week (The topic is “Dicks,” yes, really!), but none on June 1st. Then we pick back up again on June 8th.
  • SAVE THE DATE! For the first time in a very (!) long time, I’ve booked live entertainment. If you’re a hammered dulcimer fan, don’t miss Friday, July 20th at 5:30 pm SLT, when Earl Ghostraven will take Callahan’s stage. I discovered this gentleman playing at an inworld music event, and discovered that he really doesn’t perform much in SL, despite his obvious talents. He normally only plays in SL for charities, as a favor to people he knows, so this is a big deal for him to play somewhere new.
  • Please don’t forget to feed Callahan’s cigar box. It gets much harder to pay rent for us during the summer months, especially since we don’t have as many events.

Hope to see you all belly up to the bar soon,