This month, we’re in search of a a few things. Maybe you could help out?

  1. Lia Winslet’s term as PAL (Patron-At-Large) is coming to an end, and we are searching for her replacement for the next quarter (July-September). It’s a minimal time commitment: You host one Unday per month and attend one Senior Patrons meeting (we schedule that so everyone who needs to can attend). Aside from helping the Place, you’ll get to see how at least some of the sausage is made here at Callahan’s. Interested? Please contact Leb or Dutch or ASAP!
  2. Are you an artist (either SL or RL?) Would you like free exhibit space? You can simply display, or even sell your items. We provide three beach huts on the sim’s Artist Walk at no charge on a quarterly basis. Our first round of artists are due to move on at the end of June, so we’re looking for potential replacements for the next quarter. IM Leb or Dutch to let them know you’re interested.
  3. A gentle reminder that Callahan’s Cigar Box is how we stay in business. During the summer, when we only have events on every other Friday, this can be a bigger issue than usual, since we don’t have as many people filtering through the bar. Please make a stop to donate now and then, even if there isn’t an event. Your fellow Callahooligans thank you!