WHERE: Callahan’s Place is located on the sim of the Conch Republic.  You can TP directly to us with this SLurl.

WHAT:   Callahan’s Crosstime SL-oon is based on author Spider Robinson’s “Callahan’s Place” stories about an unusual fictional bar in Suffolk County, NY that eventually is followed up by Mary’s Place and finally, The Place, in Key West. The Place attempts to emulate the series underlying ideal that “Shared pain is lessened, shared joy increased.”

People often referred to the original Callahan’s as “The Place” and those who come by are generally referred to as “Patrons”. Calling the latest incarnation of the bar The Place is considered by some to be Doc Webster’s best work ever.

About the books:

There are currently 11 books (I think!) that are part of the Callahan’s mythology.  You can find them on Amazon.com (U.S.) here.

WHEN: The Place currently runs two regular weekly events:  Unday (a general social gathering with some punning often thrown in) on Tuesdays at 6 pm SLT,  and Trivia Night (or special events) on Fridays at 5:30 pm SLT.  Other events are scheduled every so often, and of course anyone is welcome to hang out in the Place, with or without the Bartender.  Come and be merry!

WHO: You!  All well-behaved beings are welcome to the Place, regardless of whether they have read the books or not.

BARTENDERS:  Lebachai Vesta is one of our resident Secret Masters of Knowledge (She’s a librarian!), and currently the  Bartender of the Place. She also does a fair bit of event organizing, although she promises not to sort any of them by either Dewey Decimal or Library of Congress subject headings. She has a sympathetic ear and tendency to overdecorate for holidays. Dutch Galaxy is Leb’s backup bartender, but often takes the initiative on many things and keeps things on track! He is also a regular photographer of Callahan’s events.

SENIOR PATRONS: These are dedicated volunteers who help to maintain the sim, help to run events and generally do stuff “as needed.”  In return, they get the group’s eternal gratitude and the title “Senior Patron” to wear.  If you are interested in becoming a Senior Patron, contact Leb for details. Our current Senior Patrons are Cisop Sixpence and Madkitty Abaaye.

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