Rules for Trivia Night

Rule 1) This is for FUN. Most of the time, nothing is at stake but bragging rights and a lot of hard work prepping for next time. We already punish the winners by making them work. Please keep that in mind. 🙂

Rule 2) While we do ask that Trivia Hosts show a little care for accuracy when coming up with their questions and answers, we don’t expect perfection. In keeping with Rule 1, the decisions of the Hosts are FINAL. If you feel an answer is incorrect or inaccurate, make a note and politely address it in private later. Raising challenges during the game is disruptive and contrary to Rule 1. The Hosts may, *at their sole discretion*, seek the opinion of the House or the Bartender, but it is they who decide the score.

Rule 3) Honor System: no participant shall use Google, Wikipedia, their home Reference Library, or anything other than their brains as a source of answers during the game. This is a test of your knowledge, not the collective knowledge of humanity. Humanity can type /8 join with the rest of us if they want to play. 😉

Rule 4) Remember Rule 1 at all times. If it’s not fun, nobody will want to play.

The Bartender and Senior Patrons shall remind us of these rules at need, and enforce them when they must.

We also have some guidelines for those who Host trivia. Those won’t be binding rules, just collected “Best Practices” to make it easier. Copies available upon request

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