Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 11/25/14

Why do you frown on snoopy questions?

To start with, most snoopy questions tend to start with A/S/L (How old are you, What’s your gender or sexual preference, and Where are you or where are you from). Callahan’s is not a site tailored for NetSex, although there’s nothing wrong with people forming relationships or even displaying that affection here. Callahan’s is a VERY open community, and the societal mores are pretty liberal. The MAIN reason is that one of the basic tenants behind Callahan’s is that people have a right to privacy and a right to share, and those rights are fundamental. If someone needs/wants to share something, we’ll let them, and if they need/want to keep something private, we’ll ensure that, as well. If you want to ask a snoopy question, be sure to start it off with something like “If you don’t mind my asking…” or “Do you mind if I ask…” and be prepared to take “Yes, I mind” as an answer. Banning people is something we don’t want to do, but we’re prepared to do so if necessary.

Why do you toast and how should I behave during a toast?

In the Callahan’s Place books, it was a tradition to toss your glass into the fireplace while proclaiming a toast; this often led to people explaining the toast, and getting a load off their chest. We carry on that tradition. If someone’s making a toast, please don’t be offended when people ask you to shush, as we feel that toasts are generally worthy of the attention of the room. Not everyone can fit on the line here, or wait to throw a ‘SL Glass’, so feel free to just text “CRASH” or some version thereof. Follow along; you’ll see how we handle it.

Okay, HOW do I toast?

Step up to the line (and click it). You’ll be given a glass to wear. Announce your toast, and then right click on the line in the floor and choose “Throw”! Don’t be surprised if other people in the room cheer or clap. If you choose to give a followup to the toast, people will listen. If they’re noisy or nosy, the bartender or a senior Patron will take care of them for you.

How serious are you about sticking to the books?

Inside the Place, you’ll note touches like the high armchairs and no stools, the counter-clocks on the walls from Mirror-Mirror, Eddie’s piano and Jake’s Fender Bassmaster Amp, the fireplace and chalkline, and other things.  However, the main SL version of the Place is a mishmash of several versions of the Place, and has an accumulated history of its own, as it has existed in some form (in in several locations) since 2006.  While we recognize the importance of the Callahan’s books (after all, without them, we wouldn’t all be here!), we also understand that the SL Callahan’s community has its own, independent history.

Why do people often shout “Elvis!” at Trivia Nights?

This goes back to our very first Trivia Night, in early 2009. The topic was “Music,” and Tim Venkman shouted Elvis’ name many times when he didn’t know the answer to a question. This inadvertently began a tradition, and now many people will cry “Elvis!” when they are clueless about a particular piece of trivia.

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