December Dispatch from Callahan’s

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Merry met, Callahooligans!

Here’s what’s to know about your favorite bar this month:

  • If you haven’t already seen and/or used it, we have a fun new addition to our traditional Cigar Box. There’s now a thermometer, so we know how close to the month’s goal we are. It has some fun effects, too.
  • We’re about a month away from our traditional Winter Formal event! This year, it’s “Snow & Tell: A Very Truthballie Holiday.” Not only will Madkitty have her famous Truth Ballie, but we’re asking each attendee to bring something interesting to show or tell. Something in your inventory, a weird fact, an amazing av–the possibilities are truly endless. We’ll vote at the end for the best, for a $1000L prize! Save the date: December 27th, 2019.
  • On December 3rd, Cisop Sixpence will host a “Stump the DJ” Unday.  Ask her for a specific song, artist or topic from the 80s and see what she comes up with.
  • Don’t forget the new options available to you if you win Trivia! You can bribe your way out, or even host a completely different TYPE of event!

Spring dispatch from Callahan’s

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It’s been a bit! It’s amazing how quickly one falls behind when RL is so darn crazy all the time.  Adulting is very time-consuming…darn it.

So, here’s some updates, in no particular order;

  • Hard to believe, but we’re not far off from starting our summer schedule soon. After Memorial Day, Fridays will go to an “every other” schedule. That means NO event on May 31st, then an event on June 7th, then every other week after that. Undays are always on Tuesdays, summer or no.
  • You may have noticed that the area across from the Place has been cleared of the little beach houses/art walk. I’m seriously thinking about putting a house there, or putting up a skybox or two, to rent to Callahooligans. We need a more regular source of income to keep our sim, folks. The reality is, I’ve been picking up the tab every month when the cigar box comes up short–since 2010. It’s getting harder for me to keep up with that. Would YOU be interested in a rental? Please IM me!
  • Speaking of the cigar box, it’s really rather underfunded right now. Can you please stop in and add a few L$?
  • Julianna will be reaching the end of her term as Patron-At-Large in August. (Her THIRD!). We’d like to open it up to someone new, or give a second go-round to someone who has only served one term previously.  What do you have to do? Attend one meeting per quarter, and host one Unday per month. That’s it! And you get to give your ideas and feedback for what happens at our Place. Want to know more? Give me (or any senior staff person) a holler.




June Dispatch from Callahan’s

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This month, we’re in search of a a few things. Maybe you could help out?

  1. Lia Winslet’s term as PAL (Patron-At-Large) is coming to an end, and we are searching for her replacement for the next quarter (July-September). It’s a minimal time commitment: You host one Unday per month and attend one Senior Patrons meeting (we schedule that so everyone who needs to can attend). Aside from helping the Place, you’ll get to see how at least some of the sausage is made here at Callahan’s. Interested? Please contact Leb or Dutch or ASAP!
  2. Are you an artist (either SL or RL?) Would you like free exhibit space? You can simply display, or even sell your items. We provide three beach huts on the sim’s Artist Walk at no charge on a quarterly basis. Our first round of artists are due to move on at the end of June, so we’re looking for potential replacements for the next quarter. IM Leb or Dutch to let them know you’re interested.
  3. A gentle reminder that Callahan’s Cigar Box is how we stay in business. During the summer, when we only have events on every other Friday, this can be a bigger issue than usual, since we don’t have as many people filtering through the bar. Please make a stop to donate now and then, even if there isn’t an event. Your fellow Callahooligans thank you!

Dispatch from Callahan’s Place: May 2018

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Greetings, Callahooligans!

As we move into the summer season, as I thought this would be an appropriate time to update you all on what’s going on at the Place. In no particular order:

  • New PAL (Patron-At-Large) Lia Winslet is settling in just fine, and hosted her first Unday. We hope you’ve had an opportunity to hear her DJ!
  • We’re about to move into the summer schedule. That means that, after this week, Friday night Trivia will move to every OTHER week. So, there’s Trivia this week (The topic is “Dicks,” yes, really!), but none on June 1st. Then we pick back up again on June 8th.
  • SAVE THE DATE! For the first time in a very (!) long time, I’ve booked live entertainment. If you’re a hammered dulcimer fan, don’t miss Friday, July 20th at 5:30 pm SLT, when Earl Ghostraven will take Callahan’s stage. I discovered this gentleman playing at an inworld music event, and discovered that he really doesn’t perform much in SL, despite his obvious talents. He normally only plays in SL for charities, as a favor to people he knows, so this is a big deal for him to play somewhere new.
  • Please don’t forget to feed Callahan’s cigar box. It gets much harder to pay rent for us during the summer months, especially since we don’t have as many events.

Hope to see you all belly up to the bar soon,


Dispatches from Callahan’s Place: September 2017

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Yes, I’m back! And pretty happy about it, too. Firstly, I want to extend many, many thanks to Dutch Galaxy, for filling in for me this summer. And, to the Senior Patrons, who helped him keep the Place running smoothly. I’ve always said I couldn’t run things without them, and this summer was proof positive.

So, what’s going on, what’s coming up?

  • Time for a new PAL (Patron-At-Large). Thanks to Zonker Silversmith, who graciously agreed to serve an extra term, so that things could remain stable over the summer while I was gone.  For the last quarter of the year, Caitlyn Haiku will be taking over as PAL, so starting in October. Thanks, Cait!
  • Save the date: September 8th (This FRIDAY!). We celebrate our return to our regular (non-summer) schedule, which means an event every Friday night. So…it’s party time! Oh, and the theme–get this–is Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  • We’re back on schedule: The not-summer-schedule is now back in full force, which means there will be Trivia and other special events every Friday night, beginning at 5:30 pm SLT.
  • I’ll be clearing off the sim this week.  So, if you had any items from a summer build, they’re going to be returned to your inventory–just a heads-up!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,



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