Leaving things in San Francisco

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The Callahooligans celebrating Valentine’s Day!

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December Dispatches from Callahan’s

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What’s coming up in the very near future?

  • Still looking for a Patron-at-Large. We’re looking for someone to step up for the winter quarter. Workload is pretty light, honest! Want to give it a try? Just IM me. You get to come to not-so-secret meetings and help out behind the bar.
  • The annual winter formal is coming! The Snowflake Soiree happens on Friday, December 16th.
  • Dutch Galaxy hosts “Shit I Know” trivia on Friday, December 2nd at 5:30 pm SLT.
  • Cisop Sixpence hosts “Remakes, Twice as Good?” trivia on Friday, December 9th.
  • Madkitty Abaaye will be hosting “Reindeer Games Unday” on Tuesday, December 20th at 6pm SLT.
  • Lastly, please (!) don’t forget to feed our Cigar Box–the end of November is sneaking up on FAST!

As always, thanks for all you folks do,


Winter Formal: Snowflake Soirée

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Dress up in your finest! This year’s glamorous winter formal has a snowflake theme…and you don’t have to be a flake to attend. Save the date: Friday, December 16 at 5:30 pm SLT.

Snowflake Soirée Dec. 16 5:30 pm SLT winter formal

Upcoming Trivia in October

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Homecoming Party 9/8/15

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And, Dutch has his own Flickr album of the night’s festivities as well.

Trivia Nights in September

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Welcome back, Callahooligans!

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We begin our regular fall schedule on Tuesday, September 8th. We’re celebrating with a dancing-filled Unday!

Welcome back Callahooligans! September 8 at 6pm SLT

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