St. Patrick’s Day at Callahan’s 3-17-2020

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Thanks to Dutch Galaxy for providing the music playlist (and these photos), and to Cisop Sixpence for the music stream!

(Click the image to see the full album)

2020-03-17 St Patrick's Day//

Photos from the LAST event on the sim

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On Friday, December 27th, 2019, we celebrated the winter holidays at our annual Winter Formal. The theme was “Snow & Tell: A Very Truthballie Holiday.” Thanks to Dutch Galaxy for taking the photos! This was also the very last event to be held on the Conch Republic Sim. After nearly a decade of residency, Callahan’s is moving to a new location. Stay tuned for an invite and a new landmark!


Photos from Bedtime Stories Unday

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Thanks to Dutch Galaxy for both the stories and the photos! (If you want copies of the MP3 recordings of what was played, from Bedtime Stories for Cynics, just ask Dutch.)

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NEW! Trivia Night rules

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If you attended last Friday’s Trivia Night (“Atlantic Canada,” hosted by Dutch Galaxy), then you are already aware that the Callahan’s staff has made some very interesting revisions to the rules. Specifically, the rules for Trivia WINNERS have changed, and in a very cool way!

If you win Trivia, you now have several choices. First, you can host Trivia, pick the topic and write the questions, just as before. That hasn’t gone away. However, if you prefer, you can now choose from two other options:

  1. You can bribe the Place’s staff to write the questions. Yes, really! For L$2000, we pick the topic and write the questions. Another option, which costs L$4000, is that you  get to pick the topic and we’ll write the questions. You can still ask the questions if you’d like–and, if you’d like you can even PARTICIPATE!  We’ll just give you a copy of the questions without the answers, and verify if answers are right or wrong during the event.
  2. You can choose to host a completely different type of event. Want to try something new? Prefer to play a game or DJ or something else? It doesn’t have to be a Trivia Night at all!

We hope you enjoy these changes!


The Cigar Box

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Hey folks,

The way that Callahan’s in Second Life is funded is truly through donations. It’s the main way that it gets to stay on the grid. This month, the Cigar Box is looking very low. Even if you don’t get a chance to stop in for regular events, please take a moment (and some L$) to make sure that the Place gets to stay inworld. It is always much appreciated.


(P.S. You can also make direct donations to Lebachai Vesta.)

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