Photos from “Frozen in Time” Winter Formal

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Thanks to photographer Dutch Galaxy for making these available for everyone!

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December Dispatch from Callahan’s

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I’m a little behind on things, but happy holidays!  Here’s what you need to know :

  • Tonight, join host Julianna Seriman for World War II trivia at 5:30 pm. It’s a real war tonight!
  • Next Unday, Tuesday, December 11th, bartender Dutch Galaxy is hosting an Avatar Customization Contest.  Be sure to see the notecard that was sent out (or IM either Dutch or myself for a copy) that has the rules, since they’re pretty specific. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with.
  • SAVE THE DATE: Callahan’s Winter Formal is coming up on Friday, December 28th. This year’s theme is “Frozen in Time.”  Wear your fanciest stuff and your shiniest watch.
  • Think you’re ready to join the staff at Callahan’s? We’re always looking for volunteers to be the Patron-At-Large (PAL). The time commitment is very minimal (honest, one meeting in the three month term, and one Unday per month), you get to contribute ideas and comment on goings-on, and you get my eternal gratitude and free drinks for life. Got questions? Give me a holler!
  • Lastly, I’m thinking of removing the beach huts (across the quay from the Place) and putting in actual Key West-styled home for rent. Would anyone be interested in living directly on the Callahan’s sim? Message me!

Git Down at the Ghost Town Gambol

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Thanks to photographer Dutch Galaxy!

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Dancing with the Planets

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We had a great time on October 24th, dancing up on the Place’s mezzanine with the local solar system. Thanks to host Madkitty Abaaye!

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Git down at the Ghost Town Gambol

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It’s creeping closer and closer…the big annual Halloween party at Callahan’s!

This year, the theme is “Ghost Town Gambol.” Come dressed for the theme, or just in your favorite costume.  There will be a $500L prize for the best costume this year, in addition to Leb’s (overboard) decor, dancing to Psychic Radio and perhaps a surprise or two. See you at 5:30 pm SLT on the 26th!

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August Dispatch from Callahan’s

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I hope summer has been treating all of our Callahooligans well!  There’s a lot coming up and in the works, so here goes:

  1. Host Julianna Serimann gives us Villains Trivia tomorrow night (August 3rd) at 5:30 pm SLT.
  2. Mark your calendars for the annual “welcome back” party: Go Fourth Into the New Year on Tuesday, September 4th at 6 pm SLT.
  3. Remember that Trivia/Friday night events will return to the every week schedule after September 4th!
  4. It seems impossible to believe that we’re already planning for October, I know. But reserve Friday, October 26th for the Git Down at the Ghost Town Gambol. I’m guaranteed to go overboard with the decor, and Callahan’s Halloween gathering is always a lot of fun.
  5. Some minor changes have been made to the Place: the sofa area (where the rug is) has been downsized just a bit, to allow for more dance space, and a couple extra stools have been added to the bar, to accommodate more folks who prefer that space.
  6. Dutch has put up a TV watching area in one of the beach huts. Want to see photos from Place events past? Do it from the comfort of a virtual couch.
  7. We’re investigating some new ideas for Undays, including a Reader’s Theater event and a potential Murder Mystery Dinner. Stay tuned!
  8. Are you an artist (either SL or RL?) Would you like free exhibit space? You can simply display, or even sell your items. We provide three beach huts on the sim’s Artist Walk at no charge on a quarterly basis. We’re looking for potential replacements for the next quarter. IM Leb or Dutch to let them know you’re interested.
  9. A gentle reminder that Callahan’s Cigar Box is how we stay in business. During the summer, when we only have events on every other Friday, this can be a bigger issue than usual, since we don’t have as many people filtering through the bar. Please make a stop to donate now and then, even if there isn’t an event. Your fellow Callahooligans thank you!

Photos from the hammered dulcimer concert 7/20/18

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Many thanks to Dutch Galaxy for taking photos of Earl Ghostraven’s wonderful hammered dulcimer concert. Earl has been playing this instrument for around 3 decades, and it certainly showed! We’re hoping to have Earl back for a special performance around St. Patrick’s Day 2019.

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