Welcome Back Party (RHPS theme) September 8, 2017

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Thanks to Dutch Galaxy for being the Place Photographer for the night!


Dispatches from Callahan’s Place: September 2017

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Yes, I’m back! And pretty happy about it, too. Firstly, I want to extend many, many thanks to Dutch Galaxy, for filling in for me this summer. And, to the Senior Patrons, who helped him keep the Place running smoothly. I’ve always said I couldn’t run things without them, and this summer was proof positive.

So, what’s going on, what’s coming up?

  • Time for a new PAL (Patron-At-Large). Thanks to Zonker Silversmith, who graciously agreed to serve an extra term, so that things could remain stable over the summer while I was gone.  For the last quarter of the year, Caitlyn Haiku will be taking over as PAL, so starting in October. Thanks, Cait!
  • Save the date: September 8th (This FRIDAY!). We celebrate our return to our regular (non-summer) schedule, which means an event every Friday night. So…it’s party time! Oh, and the theme–get this–is Rocky Horror Picture Show!
  • We’re back on schedule: The not-summer-schedule is now back in full force, which means there will be Trivia and other special events every Friday night, beginning at 5:30 pm SLT.
  • I’ll be clearing off the sim this week.  So, if you had any items from a summer build, they’re going to be returned to your inventory–just a heads-up!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,



September Dayz at Callahan’s

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September Dayz at Callahan’s: As we look towards Sept, we return to weekly Fri events with a Welcome Back from Summer Party on the 8th (with a special guest star!!)

We will also learn to Talk Like a Pirate on the 19th.

Come, join us, Tuesdays at 6 SLT and Fridays at 5:30 SLT.


Canada Day and the 4th of July

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Dutch here. I’m sooo trying to NOT screw this up.

Joyous Canada Day to all, and a Merry 4th of July as well. (How’s that?)

We’re taking today (the 4th) off, so that everyone can get the most out of their (hopefully) long weekend with family and friends.

We’ll re-meet in Second Life on Friday the 7th at 5:30 PM for trivia. There will be a change in subject, as we will venture into The Simpsons as a topic, and not Little Guy’s™ school studies.

Hope to see you all there Friday.

In the meantime, stay safe and have (or had) a happy.


Dispatch from Callahan’s Place: June 2017

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Greetings, Callahooligans!

May is almost over, which means that Callahan’s Place is heading into the summer. Thing brings about some changes in schedule and new events, so put these on your calendar!

*FIRST: No event tonight (5/26/17), since it is the American Memorial Day weekend and many folks have RL committments.

*SECOND: We move into the summer schedule, beginning in June. That means that Unday still happens every Tuesday night (same time, same channel), but Friday Trivia/other events are every other Friday. Be sure to stay tuned to the official calendar, which you can find on the Callahan’s Place website: https://callahooligans.wordpress.com/google-calendar/

*THIRD: We’re going to start off the summer with a big beach party on Friday, June 2nd, so save the date for the Doggone Days of Summer!

*FOURTH: We have a very special group build planned this summer as well. It goes along with our beach party theme…can you guess what it is? 🙂

*FIFTH: Lastly, a reminder that, since summer is our slower season for events, that the Place’s Cigar Box doesn’t get filled as quickly. Even if you can’t make it to an event, please don’t forget to add a few $L here and there, to make sure we can keep the Place up and running!

Thanks for all you do,


Toga Party 3-14-17

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We celebrated the eve of the Ides of March at Unday! Thanks to MadKitty Abaaye for the photos.

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Dispatches from Callahan’s Place: March 2017

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Greetings, Callahooligans!

Here’s what’s up, in no particular order:

*You may have noticed some changes around the sim. In particular, we have a new events board on the dock, and 3 small beach huts directly across from the Place. I’m playing with the idea of possibly renting these out to group members. Thoughts?

*This Friday’s Trivia Night is being co-hosted by Madkitty and Zonker. That’s TOMORROW! See your tail here at 5:30 pm SLT.

*On the eve of the Ides of March (March 14th, we’ll be having a toga party as our Unday event.

*We’re creeping closer to that all-important holiday: ST. PATRICK’S DAY! Save the date, March 17th, for the Shamrock & Roll Celtic Sock Hop.

*We’ll be looking for a new Patron-At-Large soon, when Traverse Janus’s term expires. Want to have a bigger say in what happens with Callahan’s? It’s not a huge time committment (just ask some of our past PALs, like Aliasi Stonebender or Fieger Difference). Got questions? Ask me!

Thanks for helping to keep our community here in SL,


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